Our Vision


Our vision is for a welcoming and accessible building in the heart of Buckfastleigh: the Moor Imagination Centre (MIC). In this building we want to encourage a shared culture which nurtures community, champions creativity, and inspires imagination. We believe that imagination is a powerful force for creating change, and want to challenge perceptions of what a community arts centre can offer: empowering local people from all ages and backgrounds to shape a better future.


With this in mind, we want to create a hub for grassroots performance of all kinds, offering an open mic to local artists and activists as well as curating a diverse and inspiring professional performance schedule. In developing our vision we want to pass the mic to grassroots community groups: to enrich, enable and empower.


In designing the space itself, we are considering a broad spectrum of ideas about how we can nurture and inspire our local community, feeding them body, mind and soul. So far we hope to incorporate three different performance/workshop/event spaces; creative studio with facilities for recording and editing in a range of media; community café/bar; community kitchen; hotdesking facilities; creative childcare; education hub; community gym; book/clothes/toy swap; tool library; repair café; community fridge/larder.


Our plan is to design flexible, multi-use spaces which will encourage innovation and growth. In carrying out capital work to enable this we will be focusing on making sure the building is fit for purpose, sustainable and accessible. We do not envisage a huge amount of structural work: the current layout of the building already offers much of what we need. It does, however, require renovating and modernising to ensure that we can meet the needs of our community, and we look forward to exploring how we can do this in ways that are sensitive to its architectural heritage.


You can read more about our vision in this blog post, which imagines what Buckfastleigh Methodist Church might be like one day in 2025.

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